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Guildford Engine Rally 12th April 2014

After a wet few days it was good to see sunshine for the weekend rally at Guilford. we arrived early Sunday to get organised for our tractor trek back into Castlemaine. It was not going to be a long trek as we needed to also be part of the Rally and have our tractors there on static display for the public to view.

We set off at 10.00am as planned and were soon onto unmade roads. Our trip to Castlemaine also included a short run along the Castlemaine - Daylesford road which wasn't too bad as there is a good shoulder to drive on and we were off the highway as much as we could.

Our first stop was just a block short of the CBD of Castlemaine to view Western Reserve where there will be a veteran and Vintage vehicle run to on the 30th August. Whilst there we were approached by two passers by who both had tractors nearby for sale. We agreed to have a look at one on our way back to Guildford and the other going home.

Then we passed just though the main shopping area and visited the home of the brother of one of our trekkers. His brother has Motor Neuron disease and he and his family delighted in seeing the tractors come to park in front of their home so as he could have a look around them all. Lots of photos and lots of memories relived and thoughts to keep.

Back into the shopping area and we were lucky enough to find parks for our 9 tractors in the one block. Some refreshments and all the talk was about the two tractors that we had been invited to look at. So we were off to visit the first one as it was just off the track on our way back. It turned out to be a TEA20 Ferguson and had not been running for some time. A good start to a full restoration though.

Our track back to Guildford was a lot rougher and up and down and sharp turns and slow going in some places. Interesting that a TEA20  petrol pulls better up hill at low revs in top gear than the diesel model. But we all made it back to the rally ground without mishap. 15K's up and 18K's on the way home.

A parade around the event ground gave the public something to view. Lots of interest in what we had been up to by others enjoying the weekend. However it was soon time to pack up and go. Our stop to look at the second tractor revealed  a 35 Ferguson diesel grey and gold produced in May 1957. An all there tractor that has been outside for 5 years but worth having a go at restoring. Turned over but we did not attempt to start.

Tractors taking part were-: 1x 135 Massey Ferguson, 2x 35 Fergusons, 1x Ford Dexta, 5x TEA20 Fergusons.

Easter At Veteran, Vintage & Classic Car Club Bendigo. Easter Display 2014

 A good start for the day, The weather was sunny and warm with a good display of cars, tractors, trucks and stationary engines. As the day rolled on the weather was not so good with a touch of rain. Everybody continued on during the day and the weather picked to a nice sunny day.

A display of cars at the Veteran, Vintage & Classic car Club Bendigo.

This is outside Western reserve Castlemaine.

A display of cars at the Veteran, Vintage & Classic car Club Bendigo.